Considering one of our properties for your season? 

This section is designed to give you as much information as possible, and guide you through our letting process in an informative manner.  Please read and understand the agreement prior to signing our declaration, and get in touch if you have any further questions.

Securing a property

Once you have chosen a property you will be required to pay a non refundable $550 Booking fee, (of which $300 will be transferred to your security deposit for your property and $250 is a registration fee).   Once payments have been received, along with booking forms and signed tenancy, you will have secured your housing.   Pricing is based on a shared room, double (or limited triple rooms if requested) occupancy and is priced is per person.  If you are booking as an individual, we will find a suitable roommate to share, if you are a couple we will require both payments to secure your room. We have limited single occupancy rooms subject to a single upgrade fee, for triple occupancy please get in touch we have a couple of suitable rooms if you do not want to split your group up.  Properties are secured on a first come first served basis.

If you are unable to move into the property for any reason, the booking fee ($550) is non-refundable and considered a withdrawal fee to cover the costs of finding new and appropriate tenants for the duration of the lease. 

Coordinated roomates and shared housing

Whether you are travelling on your own, or planning to share with others, we use accommodation questionnaires to assist us in putting like minded people together to ensure your season, and chalet is a comfortable home for the season.

Utilities, Wifi & TV

Rent is inclusive of outgoings such as water, sewage, electricity, gas, wifi, local property and business taxes as applicable.  Living in a cold climate and mountain town we expect tenants to be considerate of high costs of our utilities. Although the heat will be set at a comfortable temperature, in winter expect to wear a warm layer and not be lounging in shorts and t-shirts.

Your property comes with free wireless broadband internet access. Our service is suitable for email, web browsing, streaming for tv and skype.  Downloading of illegal content can jeopardize internet availability and usage.  

TV's are provided in each property along with an Apple TV or similar device to enable wireless streaming. Cable TV is not provided but can be ordered at the tenants expense if desired.

Viewing properties

Many of our clients book from out of country prior to arrive for the season. For those of already in Banff, please note viewings, if required are strictly by appointment and must be arranged through our office. We like to give regard to existing tenants to ensure any disruption is kept to a minimum. In addition to this, 24 hours notice must be given to existing tenants when booking a viewing unless we are already pre-booked to view the property with other groups. The majority of our viewings during the busy periods are carried out as block viewings. Our seasonal tenancies vary from 4 month summer lets, to 6 month and 8 month winter lets.

We strive to ensure that all properties are handed over in a clean/tidy condition at the start of tenancy. However, please note that in some cases previous tenants may only have only just vacated, and therefore tenants moving in at the beginning of tenancy may have cleaning and necessary maintenance being carried out around them. Please notify us immediately if the flat is not in a clean condition as we would be unable to address this issue after you have moved in.

Bike store/parking permits

For those with bikes, we offer bicycle lock up areas at most properties. Bikes are not to be stored within the properties.

National Park Permits are required for all vehicles, which can be obtained from the Parks Office on Banff Avenue with proof of employment, proof of ownership, registration and or copy of your tenancy.   

Banff is a small and compact town with good transportation to the resorts for mountain staff, and transit included to the mountains for those with a full season pass, hence most of our group tend to not have vehicles.

Refuse / Garbage

We live in a National Park with wild animals on our doorsteps!  Please ensure that all rubbish is put into garbage bags, secured tightly and removed when full to the bear proof containers close to your house, 

Bedding & Mattress Covers

Most of our tenants arrive from other parts of Canada or the world, often with limited baggage.  We provide bedding; a mattress cover, fitted sheet, good quality duvet and duvet cover.  We suggest you bring your own towel, pillow, and pillowcase or you can purchase locally.   

Maintenance & Property Inspection

Monthly inspections are carried out on all of our properties to ensure general maintenance standards are maintained, and that the property is being looked after.  


Pricing & Dates


October -May 25th     $6200 cdn

Nov 3- May 25th         $6000 cdn

Nov 3- April 28           $5800 cdn


June 1 -September 29   $2600 cdn

*Enquire for partial payment options and payment terms.



Payment options

A partial payment option is available which required the booking fee, and prepayment followed by monthly payments. This option has a monthly fee for processing monthly payments. Please enquire for partial payment rates and options.

Door Locks

Note that although many of our properties have individual locks and room keys, not all do. Properties are not set up with safety security boxes.

Moving out

It is important that the flats are handed back at the end of the tenancy in a clean and undamaged state. A cleaning guideline will be sent out to all tenants to make sure that all are clear on what needs to be cleaned and to what standard. If the property has been left clean and maintenance free your deposit will be returned to you quicker and without deductions. With over 12 years of operations in Banff we know some groups can get together and do a thorough job to receive refunds in full, and others find this a more difficult process.

Cleaning fees are $35/hour plus GST.  Steam Carpet cleaning and other damage will be assessed and charged accordingly. Professional Carpet cleaning is not an option and a necessity at all properties with carpet at the end of each season, the fees are split and divided amongst all tenants and deducted prior to issuing of the security refund.

Tenants Insurance

Tenants should be aware the Landlords property insurance does not cover tenants possessions. We advise Tenants to individually insure their own belongings.

Breaking or Ending a Tenancy

If you decide to not proceed with your reservation, or if you wish to break a tenancy agreement below are guidelines and information on how to proceed and your options.

The tenancy agreement you have signed is a legal binding document.

Having signed the tenancy agreement you are legally responsible to pay the agreed rent in full and on time until the end of the fixed period of the agreement.

Your options are to continue with the tenancy or try to find a suitable replacement tenant to take your place. If a new tenant is found and consequently signs a new agreement, the landlord may then release you from your responsibilities, as long as all  payments are paid in full and  all paperwork is complete.

If you or the landlord find a replacement tenant then your liability would be limited to the reasonable expenses incurred by your landlord plus of course the fees in full until the date when new tenant moves in. The charge to you to break a tenancy is $150 if you find a suitable replacement tenant, if the landlord is required to find a replacement, the cost is $300. Cancellation of tenancy or sublets will not be approved for the final month of tenancy.

Early departure: If you choose to vacate the property early (ie for travel reasons) in your final month of tenancy, you may notify the landlord to coordinate a mutually convenient early check out inspection.  The fee for an early check out is $50.  If the landlord is not satisfied with the condition of the property at Inspection, the landlord may charge the standard additional cleaning fee. Once the Damage deposits has been refunded the tenant relinquishes their rights to the property and any damages caused thereafter.

House Parties are not permitted

House parties are not permitted. All properties are in residential neighbourhoods, and not appropriate for hosting more than the same number of occupants as guests.  Fines can be levied by the Town of Banff, and by our management for after hour complaints requiring management to come to the property.

Our chalets are smoke free

Smoking/vaping is not permitted in any of the properties.  Under Canadian Laws you can be fined $500 for smoking inside.     



Photo credit this page: Banff Lake Louise Tourism / Paul Zizka